Our location is at 31st Street Harbor, the address is 3155 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL. If visitors are being dropped off, they should arrive 20 minutes before departure; if they plan to park, they should arrive 30 minutes early to ensure punctuality. The primary entrance to 31st Street Harbor, located at 31st & Lake Shore Drive, is the designated spot for individuals who choose to use taxis, Uber/Lyft, or drop off their vehicles.


Guests have the option to park their vehicles at two different locations. One is the 31st Street Harbor indoor parking garage, situated at 3155 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL, and the other is the outdoor parking lot located at 641 E. 31st Street Chicago, IL. Additionally, there is a public parking lot located on the west side of Lake Shore Drive after exiting 31st Harbor or there is pay to park north of the harbor alongside the beach.

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